14 May 2017
4 August 2017
Biemme introduces the Garun Biomeccanico pad, the result of co-operation between the company from Vicenza and Dr. Mauro Testa. The pad is a new and innovative product that will change the history of cycling.

The Garun Biomaccanico pad has a patent pending and it is produced internally with the newest technologies in pads manufacturing.

The features of the successful Garun series:

- High breathability and antibacterial – the inner pad shell of the bibshort is made by a bi-elastic, antibacterial and breathable fabric without heat-sealing in order to obtain a skin-like effect when in contact with the body. Furthermore, the various layers that compose it are drilled in an asymmetric way. This allows an increased breathability and it maintains this part of pad dry and cooled;

- Anatomical and adaptability - the pad is free to move, so it fits to the athlete's position on the bike when raising and sitting on the saddle;

- Maximum comfort - the padding is applied on the underside of the pad so no seams or creases are in contact with the body;

- Anti-slip and resistant - the ceramic lycra is a particular fabric that has an application of a ceramic coating that improves the resistance to friction. It also improves the riding position on the saddle of the cyclist;

In addition the features of the Garun Biomeccanico pad that make it unique:

- Customizable - the Garun Biomeccanico pad is customizable according to the physical and functional requirements as it is provided with 16 interchangeable inserts (4 per area) of variable thickness from 1mm to 4mm even overlapping each other. These inserts, can be switched on and off in correspondence with the ischial tuberosity and under perineal, in the case of failure between the right side and the left side. This will share better the power between right and left and increase pedalling efficiency;

- compensation - the Garun Biomeccanico pad thickness compensate anatomically shaped differences right ischium to the left and vice versa. Thanks to the compensation it has, also, a reduction of the scoliotic attitudes by sitting;

- Three-way padding – the interchangeable inserts widen with weight and run down the forces, following the anatomical structure by copying the shape;

- Vibration - the inserts material ensures greater protection from stresses and reducing the vibration transmitted from the frame in favour of a higher performance due to less muscle strain. How to measure a failure: - Arrange the seat cover equipped with sensors on the saddle - Connect the sensors to the software for data collection - Start pedalling - Compare the data collection with your bike-fitter or with your dealer - Put gradually the inserts inside the pockets on the pad, first to reduce and then to cancel the failure
About Mauro Testa and Biomoove Lab

Mauro Testa, chief scientist Biomoove Lab, boasts numerous collaborations that saw him involved as inventor and researcher at universities, research centers, companies and sports clubs around the world. Numerous patents arising from his ideas including: the Distal Jet, a device used for distalization of the upper molars, which are still very popular in orthodontics; the first football boot with pivoting stud to prevent injuries and accidents, marketed by Lotto; Home date expression in 1000, the new Frecciarossa. The knowledge of Mauro was also crucial in athletics: thanks to its contribution, some of his ideas have been used in the construction of athletic tracks used at the Olympics in Beijing 2008 and London 2012; tracks that have seen the killing of numerous World Records. Mauro worked as a biomechanical for Parma Calcio, introducing a prevention protocol accidents recognized by UEFA.

Mauro Testa is currently a researcher at the FIFA for a study regarding the surface of the soccer fields. In addition, it is the biomechanical Bologna FC. Finally, through Biomoove Lab, Mauro places by bike numerous cyclists, returning to his true passion, namely cycling who has practiced as a hobby as a boy and still he committed daily. Hence the collaboration with Biemme for the development of new products to improve the athlete's efficiency.

About Maurizio Bertinato and Biemme

Biemme is an Italian brand founded in 1978 by Maurizio Bertinato; Today is a leader in the field of technical clothing cycling. From the beginning the company has taken advantage from the collaboration of cycling champions, and has committed to sponsoring professional teams.

A laboratory within the company studies and develops products and then test them with athletes of various levels and finally perfects them taking a cue from their signs.

Not only for professionals: cyclists of all levels need different leaders. That's why Biemme offers lines ranging from tourist cycle of cycling professional. Biemme, in its nearly 30-year history, it has been repeatedly bearer of innovation, just think of the first pad in fabric made in 1984 and, today, become commonplace; the first pant fully taped seams cycle or the introduction of carbon fibers in fabrics to improve body warmth.

The turning point is 2009 in the name of the new business philosophy, "Essence of Cycling" with which you want to devote more attention to the athlete providing it with perfect clothes for form and function.