ESSENCE OF CYCLING: Three words that enclose our philosophy.

BIEMME is an italian brand founded in 1978, major reality in the field of technical clothing for cycling.

Ever since the beginning, the company always involved cycling champions for the testing and improvement of the garments produced.

Biemme also involved professional teams. The internal R&D department studies and engineers the garments, develops and finally tests them directly on athletes of various levels. The items are improved according to indications received during and after testing. It is important that many people test the clothing as different riders have different requests.

Biemme provides a full range of clothing: from the cyclo-turist to the pro rider. In the course of over 30 year history, Biemme has been an innovative and expanding company; we remember the first textile pad created in 1984 which is now of common use. An important milestone is set in 2009, where the new company credo becomes ESSENCE OF CYCLING This motto resumes Biemme’s idea for the perfect garment: essentiality against exasperation in shapes and colors, comfort against pushing of esthetics.