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tessuto lycra orion elastico


220 gr/mq (68% NY - 32% EA) Bi-elastic fabric with exceptional stretch and recovery. Excellent management of humidity and breathability, as well as being resistant to abrasion and protective against UV rays. These characteristics make it an ideal fabric for the use of cycling shorts.

tessuto lycra challenger


225 gr/mq (79% NY - 21% EA) It has characteristics of high elasticity in that it follows the movement of the body even in the toughest phases of sport. In addition, it also has excellent return force with consequent muscle compression; this involves less vibrations of the muscle fibers and therefore less stress of the same. The fabric has good abrasion resistance and provides an optimal performance that is constant over time.

tessuto lycra X-matt leggero e sostegno muscolare


240 gr/mq (80% PL - 20% EA) Lightness, muscle support, breathability and range of motion are the properties of this material. Its high elasticity factor combined with an unbeatable print quality make it necessarily one of the most important fabrics in sportswear.

tessuto lycra goffrato grip


205 gr/mq (80% PA - 20% EA) Lycra with a treatment on the outer surface of the fabric, that is a permanent imprint that allows greater grip on the saddle and a long life of the garment, avoiding wear caused by rubbing. The embossed with its particular pattern provides breathability to the fabric.

tessuto shell DWR idrorepellente


(80% PL - 20% EA) is a 210g Lycra with DWR treatments (Durable Water Resistant). This treatment enhances the performance of the garment by encouraging water to bead up and roll off the surface, increasing aerodynamics and speed. Fabric mainly used for Triathlon clothing.

tessuto Graphene ipoallergenico


125 gr/mq (88% PL - 12% EA) Fabric made with special conductive fibers that absorb and disperse the electrostatic charges accumulated by the external environment during physical activity. Bacteriostatic, it respects the skin and protects against polluting dust, eliminating the risk of annoying allergies. Highly breathable and thermoregulatory textile because it accelerates the evaporation process of sweat and helps keep the temperature constant. It also protects the skin from UV rays.



120 gr/mq (50% MULTI.PL - 50% COOLMAX®) Technical fabric designed to keep the body dry and cool. Its structure, consisting of high-surface polyester fibers, transfers the moisture of the skin to the outside of the fabric. It maintains an aerodynamic and ergonomic line, excellent for high-level performance.

tessuto jersey charlotte elastico e resistente


130 gr/mq (88% PL - 12% EA) Fabric with high elasticity and abrasion resistance together with rapid drying and breathability properties makes it the ideal textile for sports performance.

tessuto lancaster


130 gr/mq (62% MULTI.PL - 38% PL) Lightweight and perforated fabric that favoring rapid drying. This ensures that the skin is kept fresh and dry. Material with high comfort and high resistance to pilling, excellent for making summer jerseys.

tessuto high-speed


225 gr/mq (80% PL - 20% EA) Channeled fabric designed to increase air flow and reduce friction. Very elastic and suitable for high speeds.

tessuto infinity traspirante


95 gr/mq (100% PL) Fabric composed of two materials and a breathable membrane in the middle, which makes it water-repellent and windproof. Lightweight but extremely resistant over time, it is the ideal protection for windy weather conditions.

tessuto tevere antivento


75 gr/mq (100% PL) Thanks to Windpass technology, it is an excellent regulator of the air flow that normally passes through the fabric to keep the body at the ideal temperature and dry. Ideal for windproof uses on vests and capes.

Jampa tessuto


The innovative JAMPA® fabric is combined with a membrane that makes the garment totally waterproof and breathable. This new line provides thermal insulation and body temperature regulation, protecting the surface from wind and rain. Another essential feature of this membrane is its extraordinary bi-directional elasticity that allows the garment to adapt to the body ensuring aerodynamics and maximum comfort during all performances.

tessuto nanotech antipioggia e antivento


260 gr/mq (83% PL - 17% EA) Fabric with DWR treatment that makes it water repellent and windproof, guaranteeing exceptional thermal insulation as well as optimal breathability. These characteristics make this fabric a perfect material for sportswear.

tessuto nanodry termico


260 gr/mq (80% PL - 14% EA - 6% LYCRA) Three-layer thermal fabric with membrane and raising on the inside that gives the garment softness and warmth. This particular membrane makes the garment water repellent, offers protection from the wind and absolute breathability. Great for winter technical apparel.

tessuto windlight antivento


250 gr/mq (82% PL - 18% EA) Fabric with internal raising that offers breathability and thermal insulation. This gives the garment the ability to maintain a constant body temperature in cold weather situations, but at the same time allows the skin to breathe.

tessuto team garzato morbido


195 gr/mq (74% MULTI.PL - 26% PL) Gives softness, warmth and absolute comfort, protecting the body from the cold but without limiting breathability. Great for mid-season garments.

tessuto stelvio bianco morbido


245 gr/mq (85% NY - 15% EA) Extremely soft and comfortable fabric thanks to the internal raising that in contact with the skin guarantees exceptional thermal insulation. Very elastic but with excellent dimensional recovery. The consistent weight and its thickness are designed for outdoor activities during the colder seasons.


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