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This information has been prepared and customized specifically for this site based on the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 issued by the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings, not necessarily files inside the computer, sent from a server to a client, then from a website to the visitor, and then sent back for reading by the server. Each time the user returns to the same website, the browser retrieves and sends the file to the site server. In general, the purpose of cookies is to improve the functioning of the website and the user experience in using it, for example through automatic authentication, memorization of the language, size and type of text, location, or information. for statistical purposes, since web pages themselves have no “memory”.
No personal user data is acquired by the site in this regard. Cookies are not used to transmit information of a personal nature, nor are systems used to track users. If you share access to your computer, we recommend that you always delete your browsing data every time you close your browser. This increases security by deleting sensitive data after your browsing session.

What cookies does this site use?

– Technicians: We only use anonymous technical cookies which are essential for the proper functioning of the site, for the management of the session and for the internal functions of our system.
– Analytical: We use third-party cookies (Google), to analyze visitor behavior for statistical purposes and in an absolutely anonymous way. This helps us to continuously improve the site by offering users the best possible browsing experience.

How to manage / block cookies on your PC

Cookies can be deleted or modified directly from the user’s browser. The visitor has full control over cookies and their use. We remind you that by disabling cookies it will not be possible to access the correct display and use of the site.
We refer to the guides of the most used browsers to learn about the various ways of managing cookies:

– Guide to cookies – Chrome
Guide to cookies – Firefox
Guide to cookies – Safari
Guida to cookies – Internet Explorer

We reserve the right to modify this Cookie Policy, in whole or in part, at our discretion. All its changes will become effective immediately after the publication of the updated Policy on the Website. The use of the Site or the Services after the modification of this Policy implies acceptance of these modifications. If you do not agree to the terms of this Policy on Cookies in whole or in part, you must stop using the Site and the Services we offer.


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